The Last Call

We entered the mission together 16 months ago. And in six weeks... all the sisters will be headed home. Love these dear friends! (This isn't even our whole group!) 

Dearest friends and family,

Last week was really good. It seemed a bit crazy but it was fun!

Last Monday as you know we went to the Alpine Slide!! Which was
utterly fantastic... then after Pday Sister Baird and I headed back to
Freiberg to have Tausch! We got to Tausch until Wednesday morning...
and it was so fun! It's always great getting to work with Sister
Baird!! Unfortunately it will be the last time I work with her...
because she finishes her mission this week! Can you believe that? She
and I were comps in Hannover when I was in my third transfer... and
her in her fourth! And now she's headed home... that went way too

She and I were able to teach a new investigator! It was awesome! Her
name is Frau Schmidt and she is the kindest lady ever! We talked with
her about the Book of Mormon and invited her to read in it... then we
talked about prayer and why it's important. She said that she had
never prayed before or at least doesn't remember ever praying... and
so we taught her how to pray and then invited her to say a prayer with
us. Sister Baird prayed first just to show her how it works... and
then she very bravely... said a prayer! And it was beautiful! And when
was finished she said, "That felt wonderful!" Oh man it was so cool.

Thursday Sister Wacker and i headed to Berlin because we had MLC
Friday morning! We spent the night with my dear friends Sisters
Baldwin and Garrett! It was so much fun! We made pizza together and
talked about life... and it just so happened to be sister Garretts
year mark... so we celebrated haha!

Friday we had MLC! It was a good meeting. We talked a lot about what
it means to be a leader! We truly have to lead like Christ would. He
is the perfect leader... and if we follow his example we will be able
to help our missionaries much more effectively.

Now for the moment of truth... transfers.
I have received my final transfer call... I am being released as an
STL and I am headed up north! I am going to Langenhorn!! Which is in
Hamburg!!! Can you believe that!? It is my first time ever going up
north!! I have been in the east for most of my mission... but here I
am headed back west for my final six weeks... I'm so excited! Hamburg
here I come! My new comp will be Sister Busche which will be a ton of
fun! I am sad to leave Freiberg after three transfers and the
absolutely wonderful people here... but I'm always up for a new
adventure! Bring it on!!

Well, that's all for now!! Love you all!
Liebe Grüße,
Sister Darton

Celebrating Sister Garretts year mark!!! Congrats pal!! :)

Last time working with Sister Baird! She completes her mission next week! 


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