What a Week!

Hey guys!
Lots of stuff happened this week which was pleasant!

Starts with last Monday with a story I forgot to tell... So we were
out finding last Monday morning and we stopped an old lady on the
street. We asked her what it meant for her to feel peace. Well... she
starts going off about the DDR and how wonderful it was and how great
socialism is... (that's pretty normal with a lot of elderly people
here...) then she starts ranting about how bad capitalism is and that
we should go back to the way it was...  Well, suddenly she starts
bashing Americans calling them dishonest, etc, etc. And we were trying
so hard not to laugh... because she clearly had no idea that the two
girls standing in front of her... were American! So she started asking
if our families lived nearby... and to try and drop a subtle hint I
said, "Oh no... my family is still in America!" But she didn't seem to
catch it! ;) So she continues to talk to us and we told her we were
the Mormon missionaries... the ones with the temple on the hill! And
she said, "Oh my word! You are Mormon? I love mormons! You are all
such wonderful people! You know? My husband helped to build that
temple back in the 80s!" We thought that was pretty cool! Then she
continued, "You know you Mormons are wonderful... but you are all a
little bit too... Americanized." Hahahaha! Then we kept talking and
she asked how long we had been doing this missionary thing... and I
said, "Oh I have been in Germany about 16 months now!" And she said,
"In Germany? Wait where are you from?" And I said, "America."
Bahahaha!! Her face was priceless! She then proceeded to say, "You are
Americans?? Well, may I just say... I would have never had known you
were Americans! You have such kind faces and honest eyes!!" Bahahaha!
Oh Germans... ;) Gotta love them! ;)

Tuesday we had ZoKo! It was so much fun to see so many friends! It was
also a pretty good ZoKo! We talked a little bit about family history
and the importance of it. It's so cool to me that as we are doing
family history... we a literally helping our ancestors make the same
steps that our investigators are making! And when we help our
investigators to do their family history... we are not only bringing
our investigators closer to Christ but then they will be helping their
family to make those same covenants and come closer to Him! So cool
right? Do your family history!

Wednesday Carla texted and said she bought a table and she needs help
carrying it home! So... we met her outside and then walked all the way
across town to an antique shop! I figured it would be a smaller
table... because her apartment isn't that big... the table was huge.
And it was the kind the expands in the middle! So it was heavy too! So
here we were... carrying this GIANT table all the way across town to
back to her apartment! Hahaha! You should have seen the looks we got!
Carla and I had lots of fun carrying it though haha! And i kept trying
to embarrass her by greeting everyone that walked by hahaha!

Next story... we had stake conference in Dresden this weekend! So we
got in the train and I saw a Elder Bennett and the Chemnitz Sisters
who are good pals of mine! So I walked over there... suddenly this man
speaking English (who had apparently been speaking with them the whole
train ride) came back from the bathroom! His English sounded very
foreign... ;) Turns out he is from Russia! But he loves Americans...
and he loves Mormons!!!! Haha! But the best part was the end of our
conversation... he says, "I love America!" And suddenly bursts into a
chorus of America the Beautiful! And it started out slow... but by the
end all of the American missionaries had joined in! So there we are on
a train... singing America the Beautiful... with a Russian! It was
probably the most epic moment ever... ;) God Bless America!

Well today we went to a land far away and rode an Alpine Slide for
Pday! It was amazing! And I rejoiced greatly! We also celebrated Elder
Fillmores birthday this past week! That was fun!

Well, hope you enjoyed the stories!! This weekend is transfer calls...
I will be entering my final transfer and receiving my final transfer
call... crazy how fast time flies!
Love you all!!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Darton


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