'Lord of the Flies' June 19, 2017

My wonderful STLs! 

Hallo Leute!

Well... it's summer in Germany... you know what that means? Yep. Fruit fly season. We have yet another swarm of flies in our apartment! Luckily we found the Grapes of Wrath and disposed of them immediately! ;) It seems like only yesterday that I was in Hohenstein dealing with a very large swarm of flies... they say history repeats itself... But I could have gone without this! ;) 

This week was a great one! We met with our investigator Daniel last Tuesday! (The one on baptismal date!) he is making good progress so far and he truly has a desire to find answers to his questions! I love teaching Daniel because he is a very deep thinker... he doesn't just take a primary answer... he wants more! Which can be hard at times because if we were to tell him the deep answer it would just be confusing... so we try to answer his questions while sticking to the basics! But it's cool! I'm excited to meet with him this week! And we are bringing a totally awesome joint teach so I am STOKED!

Last week we were waiting for our investigator Ella to show up at the church for our appointment. She wasn't showing up which was unfortunate but we decided to wait just a little bit longer... and it was a good thing we did! This 16 year old kid came walking in to the building. He saw us and asked, "Hey! Is there a boys group that meets here?" We looked at each other and then back at him and said, "Yes! Young Mens! But not tonight..." we then led him through the church to find a member who would know when young men's was! As we were walking down the hallway he suddenly says, "Wait! Are you missionaries!?" We responded saying that we were and he then says, "Oh wow cool! Where are you from?" We both said Utah and He said, "Oh that's really awesome. I have been there! For the last ten months I was living in Arizona for a school exchange! The family i was living with is Mormon and i would go to Mutual every week with the boys in the family and it was so much fun! So I wanted to come and see if you had the same thing here!" We were so excited! He came on his own... to find mutual! So we figured out when it was and gave him the number of the Young Men's leader of the Ward. Hopefully he ends up going! :) But it was a good thing we waited just a little bit longer or else he wouldn't have gotten into the building and we wouldn't have run into him! I'm grateful God put us in the right place at the right time!

We went to visit my absolute favorite human in the world. Schwester Glen on Friday! She is the grandma of Elder Adams who was a former missionary in this mission. Schwester Glen is the most hysterical lady I have ever met... oh my word this visit with her was so great. And it was fun because Elder Adams was in Germany on vacation and came to visit his Grandma! So the four of us had a great time telling stories and laughing our guts out. At the end we shared the video called "Good Things to Come" with her. And we had such a great conversation of patience, forgiveness, and Gods plan/timing. If we keep going with our heads held high and as we continue trusting in God... we can always be sure that there are good things to come. That was such a good appointment and I wish you could have all been there! We saw her at church yesterday and she gave us the biggest hugs and said, "I invited you to my house for the Fourth of July! How does Mexican food sound?" YES! We rejoiced greatly. I'm so excited!

I am so excited for this week people... this is the week I have been waiting for! I can't wait! I will tell you all about it next week... ;) love you all!! Bis dann!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Darton

These explain a lot...


  1. Sister Darton!!! I love you more!! I loved the message to your dad for Father's Day. You are a great daughter and Sister Missionary. Are you getting trunky yet?? I am hyperventilating over the close date of your return. Actually, I think I should come in about 3 weeks and help you pack. It looks to me like you and Sister Busche are enjoying your time in Hamburg! Looks like a beautiful area. Actually, maybe Just and I should meet both of you there!!! Now I am talking....RIGHT. Everything and everyone is sweating out 100+ temperatures here this week. Yikes!! We go from snow one week to sizzling the next. But no flies YET! Yesterday I went to the park with some of the family and played frisbee. Yep, that's right...FRISBEE!!
    What was I thinking? Well it was a lot of fun...until today. Today... a little more sore... a little less frisky😊
    😊! This weekend we had the Burrup reunion! It is always so much fun. Jay Burrup was in charge and so we got a lot of family history. I love those histories and pictures. I hope you have a very full journal of your mission. I love to feel your testimony. I pray constantly for your safety and health and that you will be lead to those who are ready to be touched by your testimony.

    I love you Brooke!!!! And I hope those flies fly....away from where you are. Hot, humid and flies? Nope, it CAN get better than that!!!😊😊😊

    Any flowers in Hamburg?? I always think of flower markets in Europe! Tried has or had a very pretty flower market in the center of town when I traveled there.

    Love you!

  2. Jutta....And.... Trier. Spell check.😒


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