Moin! (June 26, 2017)

Ruth Menssen! 💜

Dearest Family and Friends,

This week was quite the week! Remember how I said I was really excited
for this week?? Well... the one thing I was super excited for got
moved from last week to tomorrow... so next week I report on that! ;)

Last week we did have a lot of awesome things happen though! Tuesday
we went to visit the Summers!! Two of my absolute favorite old people
in this world. They are just adorable! Bruder Summers is actually from
England! And his wife is from Germany. Bruder Summers can play piano
and Guitar really well! So when we got there we begged him to play
guitar! He finally agreed and he sang and played guitar for us and it
was awesome! I love Bruder Summers he's a very classy British man and
he's just so sweet and kind to everyone he sees! After eating we sat
on the catch and then he started tell us about the current books he's
reading. And then read us a story out of a book called "Beyond the
Veil" which was intense! And then he read us a few funnier stories
which he collects in a giant binder! It was awesome. Gotta love story
time with Bruder Summers!

Wednesday we went by on a referral which we received! We got it a
little while ago and have been trying to contact them. Sister Busche
says they have gone by, they have called, and they have sent an email
and they have never been able to get in contact! Well Wednesday we
just had a feeling we should go by... so we head out there and when we
get there this lady answers the door and says, "Oh! Come on in!!" We
were slightly shocked... plus as we were walking to the backyard with
her she says, "Im just a visitor!" (She ended up being the
grandmother) So this total stranger just invited us into another total
strangers home! We get into the backyard and there we meet Daniella
whose name sounded familiar to us so we felt a bit better haha!
Daniella is the mother of Celina who was the referral. Celina was an
exchange student in Utah a couple years ago! She lived in Bountiful
and went to good old Bountiful High School! ;) she also was friends
with an Elder Mayer who ended up serving in this mission! So that was
pretty cool! ;) Daniella was also an exchange student years before her
daughter of course. And she was living somewhere near Ogden or Logan!
It was a small little town... I can't remember what it was. ;) But we
all bonded over Utah for a long time! They love Utah and the son of
the family is going to be an exchange study there next year Haha! They
both lived with Mormon families and they invited the missionaries over
when Celina came home! So they love the church. There are some
complicated reasons as to why they aren't members... but hopefully we
will be able to meet again soon and help them out! :) the father of
the family plays Irish Folk Music and he preformed all over the place!
So they invited me to come when he has a public performance!! I'm
stoked! ;) We are good friends with the family now so we are excited!
We love them all! They are so cool. The Mom wants to take us on a tour
of Hamburg... and Lübeck! Too bad Lübeck isn't our area... :/

Friday Phillipa, a member in our ward who is also from England,
invited us to her house for tacos! She is around our age and she has
four roommates! What we thought was going to be a small little get
together with Phillipa ended up being a huge party! Because the
roommates invited their two neighbors, one of the roommates was having
her parents come to visit, then a roommate who doesn't live there
anymore was also coming, and someone's boyfriend was visiting, and
then some other random guy showed up and then left after declaring
that he would return! It was so much fun! Before everyone got there we
were talking to a girl named Linda who is 19 and she is... it awesome!
I wish you could all witnessed this evening and all of our
conversations with Linda... because it was awesome! Linda had recently
killed a duck and was very proud of it hahaha! She said, "Well... i
eat a ton of meat!! And i thought to myself... you know I eat all this
meat but would I even have the guts to kill the animal I'm eating? So
I decided to put it to the test and if I wasn't able to kill an animal
then I would give up meat." Bahahaha! We were dying! From the pictures
we saw it didn't look to difficult for her... I think her love for
meat overpowered her fear of killing a duck. She would be the greatest
young women's leader ever! Haha! As we were talking to all the
roommates before the guests came they were asking us questions about
the Gospel and about what we believe. They asked about temples too
which was awesome!!! They told us we were always welcome there and so
I think we are going back in a couple of weeks! That would be
awesome!! It was such a fun night!

But... those are kind of the major things that happened this week! I
love Hamburg! I'm gonna miss it. We have ZoKo tomorrow!! Im so
excited!! I get to see lots of people I love!! :)

Love you all!! Have a great week!!
Liebe Grüße,
Sister Darton

Sister Busches Uncle Markus came to visit us today! :)
We had a fun time visiting with him!

My Pal and I in Hamburg! (Those three girls walked
in at the worst moment ever!)
Rathaus Hamburg! :)

Where we spent Pday! (Little piece of America!)

Bruder Summers!


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