We Ain't in Freiberg Anymore!

We road the ferry today!!! 

Hey pals!

Sorry this weekly is probably going to be very lame! Just not too much
happened this week! Transfer weeks are always kinda weird!

My last couple days in Freiberg good! I got to meet with Carla and the
Fillmores for the last time! It was sad saying goodbye to them... but
I see them in six weeks anyway so all is well! ;) haha!

I was talking to a Elder Fillmore about my new area... turns out he
served here when he was on his mission like 50 years ago!!!! He served
in Langenhorn and Hannover... two of my areas!! It was cool to talk to
him about it!

I got to Hamburg... let me tell you... Hamburg is AWESOME!! It's
absolutely beautiful and it's a really cool city!! And it's huge!! I
am serving in the quieter part of Hamburg which is awesome!! I
absolutely love this area and the Ward is pretty awesome! I am so
grateful I get to serve in Hamburg for my last six weeks!

Just a cool story that happened today! We went for Pday to
Landungsbrücke so we could ride a Ferry and so that we could go eat at
the Hard Rock Cafe! Well... as we are at the Hard Rock our waitress
comes over and starts talking to us and then says, "I'm sorry... but I
can't help but notice your name tags... what do you do?" Sister Ellis
then explained that we were missionaries for our church and that we go
around talking about Jesus Christ! The lady was like, "Oh wow! I am
Christian! Do you guys have a card that I can keep or something?" And
we were like, "Ja! Klar!" So we have her our card! Kind of a cool
experience! You never know where you are gonna find people who are
ready for the gospel! #hardrockwunder

Anyway, sorry it's a lame email this week! But I love you all! Have a
glorious week everyone!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Darton

Nighttime two together we found these awesome cowboy hats and flamingo mugs... and then we discovered we both had a love for root beer and got some at the Kaufland next door... and then chilled on our balcony listening to "God Bless the USA." You could say our companionship is going pretty well! ;)

My new tshirt!! ;)

I was so happy to be in the Hard Rock!

Hard Rock Café in Hamburg! Chicken wings and chocolate shakes! ;) haha!

First night together! (We love to sit on our balcony!)


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