Singing in the Rain!

Liebe Family and Friends,

This week went by so incredibly fast. And it was so fun!! 

Last Tuesday we had Zone Conference. It was the last Zone Conference I will ever attend... and i am glad to say it was one of my favorite ZoKos! The entire thing was so spiritually uplifting and it was fun too! Präsident and Sister Fingerle were there and they prepared great themes. We talked a lot about making miracles happen and about our calling as missionaries. It was cool! Plus it was great to see so many of my wonderful friends for the last time before I head out.

After ZoKo we had to rush back to Langenhorn for an appointment with two of my favorite members in this incredible ward. The Menssens! Bruder und Schwester Menssen are the two classiest people in this world. No joke. Even Classier then Julie Andrews and Frank Sinatra... they show up to church every week lookin like a million bucks straight out of the 70's!! And Schwester Menssen just glides so gracefully everywhere she goes! We love the Menssens. But they invited us over to their house for "an evening of Dinner and Culture at Opera House Menssen!" You see... the first Sisters who started serving here a few months ago got permission from Präsident to watch an opera whenever they were at the Menssens. Oh my word... I was so excited! So we went over there and the Menssens son and his kids and wife have been in Germany visiting! (They live in Utah!) It was so fun to eat dinner with all of them and to get to know them. After dinner Schwester Menssen stands and says, "And now for some Culture!" We all sit down on the couch and the Opera began! We watched La Traviata or something like that! With the one and only... Plácido Domingo! (Not sure how to spell his name!) It was awesome. Literally awesome.

Thursday we met with our investigator Daniel and stressed the importance of the Book of Mormon. He seems to be having a hard time reading it with the purpose of knowing if it's true or not. We showed him the last talk from President Monson about the Book of Mormon and committed him to be reading every single day and the pray before and after so that he can receive an answer for himself if it is true! 
He had lots of deep questions during this lesson about the temple and he thinks it's awesome that we want to help all people who have once lived come unto Christ and that is why we do temple and family history work! It was a cool lesson... unfortunately he will not be getting baptized this weekend because his job is keeping him from church. But hopefully we can find a solution soon!

We had Tausch with the wonderful Wartenau sisters! My last Tausch... EVER! So that was crazy! ;) Sister Ahlers and i had a lot of fun. We went to visit these two earlier investigators who have a son who is a member. (The son was baptized in Indiana when he was on a school exchange!) Unfortunately these two wonderful people still don't have any interest in changing their religion... but they were so sweet and they are so grateful for everything the church has done for their son. It was pretty cool talking to them! :) they fed us a delicious lunch too! Gotta love that! ;)

Saturday Sister Busche and I had an appointment with Joseph. He's from Iran and he is a member. He does all the Garden work for the Hamburg stake. He normally likes to take us out to dinner... and this time he invited us to grill with him and his girlfriend! Well... the weather was bad so he was gonna take us to some restaurant. We get to the church to meet him... and we see the Schwichts! (The incredible Ehepaar in our District!) they were just parked in our church parking lot haha! Turns out... we both had the same appointment with Joseph! Luckily! Because Joseph didn't end up bringing his girlfriend... so we wouldn't have been able to go with him to this restaurant! We hopped in the Schwichts car and followed Jospeh... out of our area... luckily we were still within our district and the Schwichts were with us! 
Joseph took us to an Iranian/Arabic restaurant! It was actually really really good! Except frohe fact that their portion sizes... ARE HUGE!! We were all shoving ourselves full of food and by the end we all looked like we were about to die... but hey... it's all Part of the adventure right? ;) I was so glad the Schwichts were with us... it made everything much more fun!! :)

That was about our week though... it was such a fun week!! I'm excited to see what this week brings. It is my last full week as a missionary!! So hope it's a good one!! Love you all!! See you guys next weekend!! :)

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Darton

This... was so incredibly good!

Tausch treat at Peter Panne?? Uhh... I think yes!

Tausch with the one and only Sister Ahlers!

Sister BUSCHE amongst her friends... ;)

Sister Garrett!

Sister Baldwin

Our reaction when someone says... "Can you
guys believe you're going home in
two weeks?"  (Sister Ellis

This explains so much!

Everyone from my group was lining up and so I
thought we were taking a "finishers" picture... turns out
they were taking an MTC district picture.... and I
was cast out. Ouch.

So much Liebe! :)

She loves her half baked ice cream! ;)
Zone Pday!


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